Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Return of the HAPPY Blog

From The Evanstonian
Yes, apparently it's time to come back. I had a wonderful vacation that consisted of me packing hundreds of DVDs into individual envelopes and then driving to the post office almost every day. Needless to say, The HAPPY Movie has sold extremely well. The money we made will be put toward getting the film a proper theatrical and DVD release (since this is a truly non-profit independent film, we don't have a studio to shoulder those costs, which are greater than you might realize).

If any of you have had problems receiving your order, either post a comment here or email and we'll take care of it. We have tracking numbers for almost all domestic orders, so we should be able to figure out what happened to any lost packages. International orders have been trickier, as we don't have tracking numbers for them and we can't prevent customs from holding them up.

Anyway, happiness news is still a bit slow this early in the year (as I said before my disappearance), but I should be able to start doing my regular updates again. See ya around!


  1. Welcome back Derek!!! I've just received my HAPPY yesterday (check your email, please) - THANK YOU for the note! :))

    P.S. My mom totally wants to watch the movie, but she doesn't speak English... She expects me to translate on the go, I suggest she learns the language haha

  2. You're welcome for the note! That's possibly one of the only advantages of packaging this stuff ourselves.

    Also, we hope to have multiple language subtitle options on any proper DVD release, because a lot of people are probably in the same boat! (A surprising percentage of our orders came from foreign countries, which makes our problems with customs even more problematic.) I don't know if Russian will be one of those subtitle options, but hopefully Roko will not turn his back on his heritage!

  3. I am lucky you're packaging it yourself then :)

    That's the power of social media to you!! Internet is multicultural, multinational and multilingual and that is super awesome, in my opinion! I actually hope to see HAPPY in Russia one day. maybe not right away, as it sometimes takes time for soem things to get here, but still. It would be great to see it in theatres here. I feel the country needs to see something like that. If you do decide to translate it to Russian, I might be available for help, btw :)