Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Money Creates Happiness When You Give it Away

From The Money Student.
As Christmas season descends upon us like a swarm chattering reindeer, news becomes scarcer and scarcer. Universities close up shop until the new year, so researchers have fewer and fewer studies to release. I've had to scrounge extra hard to find the news today, and I suspect that this trend will continue over the next few weeks. I may have to take a break, simply because I have nothing to post!

That's why today's news is a little bit on the stale side, but what the heck, let's post it anyway:  the Marblehead Reporter reports on a 2008 study by Harvard and the University of British Columbia that shows people are happier when giving money away. This effect happens across all income levels.

The Marblehead goes on to say that, on average, Republicans give more than Democrats, women give more than men, and the Bible belt gives more than other parts of America.

Hmm, that's about it for today's news. I told you it would be skimpy! Maybe in the next few days I can figure out something to post when there's no news. Until then, you can check out my more comprehensive post on the link between generosity and happiness.


  1. Now I want the stats on whether Republicans and women are generally happier than Democrats and men! Just so that we oculd compare and see wether the generosity thing really works, you know ;)

  2. Beloved Ones,

    I ve seen the movie happy last night
    and what i noticed is that the movie
    has basically a scientific approach...

    many PhD where interviewed but not a single Spiritual Master

    The only spiritual person that appeared on the movie was the
    Dalai Lama & was not a specific interview made from the movie
    production but a speech taken from some where.

    Happiness it has something to do with your mind not with your BRAIN !!!

    So what about interviewing Spiritual Masters that can explain best the mechanism of how Happiness function in your mind
    like Eckhart Tolle or Adyashanti or Ratu Bagus...

    I see the same misunderstanding all around the world...
    people want to find the explanation & solution
    in the brain from the scientific world with researches...

    but the story to be faced and solved is of the mind !!!

    Meditation is the stepping stone to go through...

    But who wants to meditate in a world of competition
    to become more wealthy successful powerful & famous...
    cause basically these are the basic notions of understanding
    for the mediocre unconscious mind to be...

    H A P P Y !!!!!!!!!!!

    Ψ... ♥ ln Love&Lìght ♥ 自覚 ~ S. A.~ (Swami Arun)