Monday, December 6, 2010

SPECIAL REPORT: The Vallejo Screening

Wow, that went pretty well! HAPPY played like gangbusters in yesterday's nearly sold-out screening. The Empress Theatre is a beautiful place to show a movie and has a wonderful staff. Unfortunately, it is rather low light, being a movie theater and all, so I didn't get as many great pictures as I would have liked. I also missed the entire Q & A because I was setting up our DVD and T-shirt store in the lobby, but video is forthcoming!

ALL of these DVDs, plus one or two more boxes full, were sold by the end of the screening!
At the theater. From right:  Roko Belic, Richard Freedman (the man responsible for setting up and publicizing the screening), and Adrian Belic

One of the projectors
Roko doing brightness and contrast adjustments before the show
People lining up outside the theater
Next up, Sony Studios!


  1. Ahh looks really cool, Derek!! The theatre looks so beautiful too, wow. Totally wish I could've attended and congrats on selling so many DVDs! I ordered mine, btw, but taking into consideration I'm in Russia I might as well only get it in 2011 haha

    Congrats on another screening in CA too! Must be awesome to finally be seeing HAPPY on the big screen and share the expereince with the audience.

    P.S. And while I'm at it, in my PayPal receipt it says that my address is unconfirmed but I have no idea what PayPal is talking about as I've used their services before, weird :S

  2. Yes, it was a great experience! Seeing the movie with other people is always much better than just watching it on a computer screen in the office. It's like seeing the movie for the first time again because they laugh at the funny parts that I've seen a hundred times and take for granted, reminding me of the emotional experience of watching it.

    As for your order, I can see it, so it should be fine. The only reason I can think of for the "unconfirmed" might be that you used Russian letters, but if you've used it before then I don't know why that might be. We might translate the label to English letters just to make sure the US Post Office knows what to do with it, but unfortunately we can't fix the Russian mail system!

  3. Oh, and actually now I see that PayPal address confirmation only happens in America, Canada, and Britain, so don't worry about the "unconfirmed"!

  4. Ahh I see what you mean! I guess when you work on something it's harder for you to look at it from a viewer's point of you, as you know more background info and might be paying more attention to the kind of details a usual viewer wouldn't and vice versa.

    This is super weird - I think it was PayPal that translated it. I always do stuff like that in English but when gettign an accoutn with them, I remember them asking for my location... And the whole website changed to Russian for me then. If you need me to send the address to you in English letters, let me know!