Friday, December 3, 2010

SPECIAL REPORT: Screening of HAPPY in Vallejo, California!

The Empress Theatre. From the California State Library.
Yo, wanna see a movie with Roko Belic and me? Then come to Vallejo, California on Sunday! We'll be at the Empress Theatre at 1 p.m. to show HAPPY. Tickets cost $10, plus a $2 preservation fee for the theatre itself, for a total of $12. We prefer that you buy tickets online, so go here to do that.

Roko will answer questions at the screening, or just sit around and talk if you want. We'd like to thank our friend Richard Freedman at the Times-Herald for setting up this whole event. You can read his article about Roko and the movie here.

Don't know where the theatre is? Look at this map:

Google Maps

330 Virginia Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
(707) 552-2400

This looks to be even better than our screening in San Francisco! See you there!


  1. Thanks! A lot of people might be in the same boat, so I'll try to take pictures!

  2. Yay! Please do! Oh, and maybe a little video too... :)

  3. Any screenings in/near/around Seattle? Talk about {happy} :)

  4. Hello Jenny: We won't have any Seattle screenings this year, but we ARE planning some in the early months of 2011. Nothing is solidified yet, but *fingers crossed*!