Saturday, December 11, 2010

SPECIAL REPORT: Paradise Cove Screening

WAAHH, another screening in the same week!?!?@(*!$& Yes, but this time it was a much more private affair for people in the neighborhood. Again it went pretty great! I might as well just copy and paste at this point! I also got a lot of good video footage of the Q & A. I wish I could post it right now, but video needs editing, so I can't just dump it all and walk away--like this:
An artsy shot of the screening room. Foggy day outside.
The fire pit.
Another artsy shot during setup.
Roko hanging the movie screen. We ended up using a screen plus a bed sheet.
The audience sitting down.
Roko introducing the movie.
A shot of the screen.

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  1. Oh it does look private and very cosy. And the fog looks major!!