Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marriage Links Happiness Levels Between Spouses

You'd better like how your fiancée feels, because they'll be
your emotions soon enough! From Public Records Search
Are you often in the same mood as your spouse? You're not alone. According to the Calgary Herald, married couples share happiness levels as long as they're together. The University of British Columbia's Christiane Hoppmann led the study of existing self-reported mood data from Seattle, Washington. The data came from 178 married couples between 1956 and 1991.

Compared to data of random pairs of men and women, married couples show a closer link in happiness. Hoppmann says, "Not only did spouses report similar levels of happiness when they entered the study, but when there were changes in happiness in one spouse, that did have an effect on the other spouse as well." These effects may take place because spouses share many of the same experiences and same stressors.

The study does leave room for speculation, however, because it did not look at same-sex marriages or long-term unmarried couples, though Hoppmann theorizes that the results would likely be the same.


  1. "Are you often in the same mood as your spouse? You're not alone Your spouse is in the same mood as you are!" - This was my first though when I just started redaing it lol :p

    The bottom line to the story - marry happy people!! Amarite?

  2. Yeah, put them through a series of psychological tests on your first meeting!!!

  3. Or maybe not right away, but just an hour or so before saying "I do" haha