Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interns Are the Happiest Employees!? WHA--!?

From Georgia Tech's Internship Fair.
Now this is unexpected. AsiaOne reports on a new survey by JobsCentral that says job happiness does not necessarily increase with salary. This in itself is not surprising (I've reported on that sort of thing before), but what is surprising is that interns are apparently the happiest employees of all. Out of 3,402 survey participants, the average happiness score was 55.5 out of 100, while interns scored 63.5. Temporary workers were the least happy, with a score of 54.3.

This is the second year that JobsCentral has conducted its Work Happiness Indicator survey. All respondents are Singaporean.

Since my coworkers and I are kinda sorta interns ourselves, this news hits close to home. Interning can be a tough and thankless job, depending on what industry you're in, but apparently that's not enough to get people down.

Have YOU ever interned anywhere (or are you an intern now)? Were you happy? Tell us about it.


  1. Could it be because interns have less expectations and know they're in it for a certain (usually short) period of time?

  2. Yes, that's likely part of it. The article (or somewhere) also mentions that it could be because interns may have more hopes or expectations of advancement. Maybe it's also that interns are generally younger, so they don't have children to take care of or worries like that. Who knows!

  3. Yep, I think all these factors also play a big role!