Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teachers in Ireland Starting to Teach Kids About Happiness

Sixth graders in Castletownbere. From The Creaky Traveler.
School Days reports that Irish teachers are jumping on the positive psychology train by teaching their students about happiness. According to Cian Traynor of the Irish Times, around 400 Irish primary and secondary school teachers have enrolled in the Teaching Happiness program, which is based on Martin Seligman's principles of learned optimism.

This means that Ireland has joined England, Australia, and others in teaching happiness to kids. The programs often improve kids' attention spans, memories, and problem solving abilities.

Some teachers in Ireland think these classes should be mandatory. What about you? Would mandatory happiness classes in your country improve your children's education?

I don't know the answer, but I do wonder if making these classes mandatory would turn them into "just another class," making them lose their effectiveness. Not that they would ever become mandatory, because I'm sure there are plenty of budget hurdles to overcome before they're even offered in most countries!


  1. Yey!
    As an ex-teacher I'm so glad to see it. Looks like the Y generation is starting to take things seriously and shows the youngsters what's really important in life ;)

  2. Yeah, hopefully other areas will catch on as well!