Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SPECIAL REPORT: Happy Movie Pre-Order!!

Buy buy BUY!!
Yes, I'm selling something, but hopefully that's okay because you'll like it. We at the Happy movie are selling a pre-release DVD for $19.99. Order now and get it in time for Christmas!

This is Oscar-nominated filmmaker Roko Belic's latest documentary feature. It is a journey across 14 countries on 5 continents featuring interviews with extraordinary everyday people, as well as positive psychology superstars Ed Diener, Richard Davidson, Sonja Lyubomirsky, the people and leaders of Bhutan, and many more. Also features appearances by Daniel Gilbert and the Dalai Lama.

So head over to our buy page for more info. You can get special deals on three- and ten-packs if you have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. You can also try our "Award Winner" pack, which includes Happy, the Oscar-nominated Genghis Blues, and the multi-award-winning Indestructible, an inspiring documentary about an ALS patient who travels the world one last time. If you like T-shirts, you can also get those in children's or adult sizes.

And that's not all! Roko Belic, the man himself, will personally sign all pre-order DVDs of Happy! We won't stop until his signin' hand falls off! He has worked very hard on this film for four years, and now it's ready for release.

I have seen the film many times (I even transcribed it word-for-word) and I can attest to both its emotional power and its educational value for people learning about happiness science. It never loses its ability to move, especially when seeing it with a crowd (like I did in San Francisco).

So give it a try. This limited edition pre-order will end December 31. After that, you'll have to wait until the official release.


  1. I love the pictures you chose to go with this post - such happy shots indeed! Definately looking forward to the movie, the bits I've seen so far are really good.

    Hmm, I need to ask you though, are pre-orders shipped outside of the US, and specifucally to Russia? With my country shipping is always a problem.

  2. Yes, international shipping SHOULD work. The Pay Pal option is probably more reliable than Google Checkout for international orders, so you might want to try that. Let us know if you have any issues!

  3. I'm gonna buy it with a tee-shirt too!!
    I love the smile on the faces in the first picture, very contagious! :)