Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow, that went pretty well! If I sound like I'm repeating myself, it's because the Sony screening was just as much of a success as the Vallejo one. And like Vallejo, you'll have to wait for video to see the good stuff.

Highlights include a live Q & A with the pregnant (!!!) Sonja Lyubomirsky and motivational speaker Michael Pritchard. Also, the picture quality was absolutely gorgeous, which I would hope for in a projection system tied directly to Sony's computer production. The film played just as well to the movie industry crowd as to the Vallejo crowd, with much laughter and standing ovation a-plenty.

And we sold out of DVDs again!

Kevin and Adrian setting up a video camera
Alex and Roko setting up a water pump
Setting up food tables for the reception
Adrian eating everything and ruining the party. No, I kid, I kid!


  1. Yay, happy to hear all went great! And I'm really looking for ward to seeing the Q&As!

  2. haha adrian eating everything...