Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New British Charity Aims to Spread Happiness

Mark Williamson, director of the
charity. From The Young Foundation.
Hot on the heels of yesterday's story comes this one from the BBC. A charity called Action for Happiness will be spreading happiness tips to anyone within ear- or Internet-shot. They have a PDF workbook called the Happiness Challenge that you can download here. You can also watch the former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe give an introductory mindfulness lesson in the news story itself.

From their website, Action for Happiness already looks quite well-connected through Facebook and Twitter. We'll keep an eye on them to see what effect they have, but for now there's not much more to report. Britain and a lot of other countries could certainly use the help, though!

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  1. What an interesting idea... I hope to hear more about them and hoepfully the efforts bring some positive results soon!