Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Want to Be Happy in Canada? Move to the North Shore of Vancouver

A room with a view. From Wikipedia.
Today Jane Seyd of North Shore News reports on a new survey by the Vancouver Foundation that found residents of the North Shore to be happier and more optimistic than other people in the Lower Mainland. The results don't indicate why this is, but project director Lidia Kemeny says that it may be due to the incredible view and comfortable standard of living, while still maintaining a "small-town" feel.

As for the actual numbers, around 69% of residents describe themselves as happy, while 79% are optimistic about the future of their community. Looking at this most recent survey of happiness by country, Denmark still ranks as the happiest country in the world, with the rest of Scandinavia close behind. Canada is tied for eighth with Australia, Switzerland, and Israel. The United States is tied for 14th with Austria.

What are some of the happiest countries YOU have been to? This isn't a scientific question, but an excuse to post some gorgeous photos in the comments section.

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