Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Viewing: The Dalai Lama's Happiness Conference at Emory

Hey, this is something to view on the weekend:  it's a full video of the Dalai Lama's visit to Emory University, moderated by NPR's Krista Tippett. I already wrote about this conference two weeks ago, but here is the full video of the conversation. Watching the video is better than reading about it, because the humor of the participants comes through much better, especially from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and the Dalai Lama himself. You can also go to the official website to download a podcast version of the discussion.

With that said, you should get something to eat right now, because you'll be in it for the long haul:  this video is just shy of two hours long. Here are some time codes, in case you want to skip ahead (though maybe that defeats the purpose of the dialog in the first place):
  • Beginning -  The Dalai Lama gives his introduction to happiness
  • 7:19 - The Dalai Lama puts on a visor while Krista Tippett gives her introduction to the panel
  • 10:36 - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gives his introduction to happiness in Judaism and the importance of making happiness for others
  • 19:20 - Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori gives her introduction to happiness in Christianity
  • 23:10 - Professor Sayyed Hossein Nasr gives his introduction to happiness in Islam while also using Buddhist terms
  • 32:10 - Beginning of question and answer time, where Krista asks questions and everyone on the panel answers individually. This goes on so long that it's hard to document each question and answer, so you should watch the whole thing, but here are some highlights:
  • 33:20 - The Dalai Lama talks about happiness in relation to suffering
  • 54:18 - The Dalai Lama talks about the right to pursue happiness and his definition of happiness as the meaning of life
  • 1:10:35 - Professor Nasr makes jokes about prayer in Islam
  • 1:22:13 - Rabbi Sacks jokes about the importance of food in Judaism
Anyway, this post is becoming as long as the video itself, so here it is:

Pursuing Happiness with the Dalai Lama from Being on Vimeo.

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