Thursday, October 21, 2010

Artists Create a 3D Happiness Map of Leeds, England

From the BBC.
The BBC reports that Invisible Flock, a group of interactive artists, is embarking on the two-month "Bring the Happy" project to collect happiness data and turn it into a 3D happiness map. Invisible Flock--composed of Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt, and Richard Warburton--are holding their giant map installation in an empty Leeds shopping unit. Visitors to the installation can remember happy memories, rate those memories on a scale of one to ten, and point out where those memories occurred. The 3D effect comes from the use of glass rods, with "ten" memories using the longest rods and "one" memories using the shortest.

Invisible Flock member Richard Warburton says, "There have been about 100 memories added to the map so far and we've already got some hot spots. Elland Road and St Jimmy's are already populated with happy memories." The group plans to stage "happiness intervention" in areas that seem to be lacking in happiness, so you may want to avoid those areas if you're not into that sort of thing. A graphical version of the map will come online once the project is complete.

This is an interesting idea that could produce a beautiful work of art. However, some happiness researchers, like Daniel Gilbert of Stumbling on Happiness fame, think memories of past happiness are inaccurate. Even so, I can't wait to see the finished map!


  1. what a lovely idea. They also have art on the walls - check out Harriet Rollitt, very interesting work

  2. I just looked her up. Her paintings are quite good!