Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happiness Quotient May Predict People's Happiness with 75% Accuracy

From Project Appleseed.
Ahhh, my short break has given me a lot to catch up on! Hopefully this news story is enough to get started:  PRWeb reports that a recent study by Dr. Tom Stevens may predict happiness with 75% accuracy. The study--which you can read here--followed 3,446 people to create a Happiness Quotient (HQ) formula. HQ is determined by three internal factors:  personal values, core beliefs, and life skills. People who display internal values such as compassion and optimism in the three categories show a greater degree of happiness than people with external values like materialism.

While the study confirms what most happiness researchers already know, it has an unusually high level of predictive accuracy. Dr. Tom Stevens is a psychologist emeritus at California State University. If you can get past the somewhat primitive web design, you can take the HQ questionnaire for yourself at his website.

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