Tuesday, March 29, 2011

British People Really Like Coffee and Parks

From Coffee Ratings.
Yes, according to this story from The Telegraph, Britain has just released some preliminary results of the Gross National Happiness survey, and the results show that coffee and walks in the park are among the responses to how British people define happiness. This information comes as a result of focus groups trying to define happiness before the British government begins the main survey phase of its happiness plan.

When asked how they define happiness, the people in the focus groups showed a diversity of responses, from big ideas to little details. Some of the responses included:

  • “Having access to open, green space within walking distance of my home.”
  • “Access to low-cost facilities that enrich life - e.g. libraries, parks, swimming pools.”
  • “Opportunity to laugh, ability to trust, opportunities to recharge my batteries and restore my mental health.”
Some people responded negatively, saying that what really matters is contentment, freedom, health, or money.

In case you don't know what all this is about, last year British Prime Minister David Cameron began a campaign to put wellbeing statistics alongside Britain's economic indicators. You can join an online version of the happiness focus groups by going to the Office for National Statistics website here.

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  1. Hummm, I guess when I visit London, I'll go to a park and have a coffee there - just to see what it feels like to be a happy British person, hehe