Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yale Photography Exhibition Showcases Happiness

From Yale Daily News.
Today Yale Daily News reports on a new photo exhibition that aims to show the contagious nature of happiness. The exhibition, entitled "Happiness Around the World," is sponsored by the International Student Organization and "HappyHap @ Yale," a student group focused on happiness.

Sunnie Tölle, co-founder of HappyHap, says, "One of the exhibition’s goals is to showcase in an artistic way that happiness is contagious and can inspire, empower and unite people across countries and cultures. Happiness can be expressed in infinitely many ways."

The photographs also entered a competition. Wanwan Lu, the first-place winner with a photo of a Cambodian child in a rice field, says, "I was travelling in Cambodia and saw this little girl playing around in the mud and she looked happy. We all need some positive energy in life."

You can see "Happiness Around the World" in the Davenport Art Gallery until February 19. Donations to the exhibition go to support SmileTrain, a charity that helps children with cleft lips.


  1. How awesome is this!! Would totally love to atten the exhibition - it is sure to leave anyone feeling happier! A "student group focused on happiness" sounds really good to me too.

  2. Yes, I bet they do! Photography and other art forms are great at that sort of thing.

  3. I feel like I want to curate an exhibition dealing with gratitude in photography one day... Now that's a task!