Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Young Indians Are Actually Pretty Happy

From dot-EDU.
Today CNN-IBN and Hindustan Times report that youth living in Indian cities are happier than expected. Around 74.6% of people 25 years old or younger feel happy with their lives, while around 20.7% feel neutral, leaving only around 5% feeling unhappy. This may come as a surprise, especially as India's urban sprawl seems to have little to no effect on respondents' answers.

Unfortunately, the news story doesn't go into detail about how the survey was conducted, but it does have some interesting figures on which cities are happiest. Jaipur comes out on top with 91% of respondents saying they are very happy, with Mumbai (where this slum pic was taken) coming in second at 89.5% very happy. Guwahati is the unhappiest city, with around 43.5% happiness.

It would be interesting to see the methodology of this survey, or a breakdown of responses from slum residents compared to those living in better neighborhoods, but for now, the news story itself has some informative and easy-to-read graphs that you should see.

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